Everyone's idea of the 'perfect set of tits' is different. I know that. And there are as many descriptions of the perfect set as there are people. But, not everyone can have the perfect set. And the girls that have them, eventually will lose them. So if y
Well as most of you know by now, I'm Black. It's no secret and if it was then it's not a secret anymore. I'm sure that even if you didn't know that I'm Black, I'm pretty damn sure that you know about Kwaanza or at least you have heard about it. A lot of p
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We've come today to pay homage to Savana Ginger's nipples. The most dividing nipples in the porn world. Either you love the nipples, or you hate them. I've never met anyone that has looked at them, and not had a strong opinion about them. Is an areola tha
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I think I'm a bit of an anomaly when it comes to this, but there's never been a point in my life that I've been woken up and wanted to have sex right away. I've always needed at least 15 minutes and a trip to the bathroom before any action can happen. But
Jim Carrey said something a while ago that I still think about to this day. When you're in a group situation, someone is going to get the nut. And does that person now think that she's, the favorite? Now this is a situation where porn, again, can teach u
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You usually don't get too many two on ones when you log onto Naughty America, so this must be the beginning of a Christmas miracle. They use to happen all the time, but I would say for the past year, I haven't seen too many. Maybe porn stars are becoming
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I don't really know what's happening in this HR department, but I'd like to think that whatever they are doing should be considered as 'best practice' for all Fortune 500 companies. In fact, you know those safety videos that they show during employee orie
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